A Thank You Note

Dear Jane

About nine months have passed since our last correspondence, and the possibility of me moving to Argentina and working for Algodon has fallen off the radar.  My job search has instead taken me to Seattle, Washington as of this summer, where I am now working for Starbucks as their tea quality specialist.  Though my career has shifted away from wine at this time, my taste buds are getting more exercise than ever, and I am nurturing my former passion through the blog I started last year.
Regardless of how long it has been and all the unpredictable things that have passed, I am reaching out to let you know you were in my thoughts on Sunday evening, when the appropriate moment finally came to open the 2008 Algodon Private Collection Malbec you had given me toward the end of last year.  My girlfriend and I took our puppy to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market to pick up ingredients for dinner, and spent four hours making a bolognese sauce of ground elk, bison, and yak to toss with fettucine we cranked out on a pasta-maker she had bought me for my birthday a year ago.  With game meat, your Malbec came to mind.  It was no less intriguing to my girlfriend, who had learned to make pasta from an Argentinian, and was teaching me to make it that evening.
Lush, bright, and supple, its soothing taste befit our rainy Autumn Sunday well.  There was more to that wine than its mouthfeel though, as it occupied a unique space in my memory.  It evoked the brief dreams I had harbored of another life months ago, and reminded me of the kind support you offered at that time.  Moments like those are what nurture my penchant for wine, and I thank you for your generosity and interest in that pursuit.  I will no doubt make it to Argentina one day, and I hope to make Algodon an early stop on that trip.  For now, I am enjoying the opportunity to explore the Emerald City and experience Autumn for the first time since I can remember.  If you make it out here, feel free to reach out and we will catch up.
Warm regards,

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